Share the mundane with loved ones far away

Share the mundane with loved ones far away

Share your daily story with your significant other or close friend, and overcome distance and time.

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What's your story?

Share the mundane details of your day with the people that matter.

Dovetales lets you share all the little things with those who matter most

Highlighting the mundane details has proven to strengthen relationships.

  • Empty Story

    Empty Story

    With Dovetales, send your close ones a story a day. Make the mundane matter!

  • Create a new Frame

    Create a new Frame

    You can create a new frame by taking a picture, or choosing an existing picture and adding text annotation to it.

  • One story a Day

    One story a Day

    You get one story a day from a specific person, and you only receive it at your convenience. In the setting menu, you set a receipt time. When touching a picture, you can swipe through the story.

  • My Shoe box

    My Shoe box

    Daily, the last story you received is featured in the home screen. But don't worry. Just like you would letters, all your past stories are stored in your virtual shoe box.